How we use leverage as a design department

Taylor McKnight
Dec 18, 2022


Why use leverage?
Leverage helps you reduce effort AND increase impact

How we increase leverage:

  • Use best available 3rd-party tools
  • Build internal tools
  • Create processes — usually built around tools – that amplify impact
  • Hire top talent other teams overlook (remote work helps!)

How company benefits:

  • Revenue grows more quickly
  • OpEx grows more slowly
  • Employees produce multiples of what they normally could
  • Work completed more quickly
  • Employees remain engaged and often stay longer

How employees benefit:

  • Repetitive tasks get automated (most of us hate robotic work)
  • Extra time to focus on more meaningful business problems
  • Work feels more meaningful because impact is large and clear
  • Get to use latest and greatest software
  • Opportunity to work with other top talent



Taylor McKnight

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